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SBES MAG is an on-line snowboard magazine in Spanish based in Barcelona. SBES MAG offers quality content about snowboarding, lifestyle, trends and art. It's not an scanned paper magazine, it's not a blog: it is a real virtual snowboard magazine where you can easily browse through the pages, go straight to its different sections or just look at its cover, of course "only" on your cell-phone, tablet or computer. SBES MAG was born with the objective of promoting national snowboarding scene but also of being a window to the international snowboard scenario.

Check it out now - sbesmag.com
Follow - @sbesmag
Facebook - www.facebook.com/SBESmag


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Alba Pardo

Alba Pardo

SBES MAG Director. Journalist & Action Sports Photographer

Our friend Alba was kind enough to provide some wicked photos for the new website. If you don’t know Alba just Google her! Her work is featured all over including Snowboard Magazine and the recently launched SBES MAG.

Check her out now - www.haveyoumetalbapardo.com
Follow Alba - @albapardot

Wake Surf

Hangloose MN

Up until recently, surfing was something you could only do in the ocean, but now it is possible on practically any lake. HanglooseMN can bring the surf to you and will meet you on any lake at anytime. Surfing is perfect for family vacations, birthdays, employer sponsored events, bachelor & bachelorette parties, romantic sunset cruises or just a couple hours on any random day.

Wake surfing is fun for the whole family. They have taught 4 year-olds & 70 year-olds in the same day! They enhance peoples lake time by bringing them a surfable wave and teaching them how to surf it.

Hangloose MN is open from April 1st to October 31st and their "lake limo" can host up to 14 guests so bring your whole crew.

You can customize your time with us but most lessons and boat charters include: boat, boat captain, first mate, gas, equipment, surfing instruction and towels. Still photos,video, snacks and beverages can also be available. Customers can also request any special items they would like to have on thier surf charter and those will be made avaialable.

Check them out now - www.hangloosemn.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/surfing.mn


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